A Guide To Ballet Class Etiquette

A Guide To Ballet Class Etiquette

Ballet teacher teaching young student.

Many are fascinated by the elegance, grace and beauty of ballet. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed curtains? For instance, the strict rules that should be adhered to and behaviours that are appropriate for ballet dancers. 

Most ballet dancers who begin at an early age are taught the proper way to behave while in the classroom. It is simply meant as a sign of respect towards the teacher and the other students. For dancers to progress through all the components that make up a full class, such etiquette is necessary.  

It can be a daunting experience for first timers. However, observing these bits of tradition and etiquette will help dancers feel more at ease. Additionally, with a positive mindset, it will provide dancers with an environment that encourages deeper learning. 

Below is a simple guide to understanding ballet class etiquette. If you are new to ballet class, read on to find out what are the standard expectations for students.  

Dress Code

Those who are unfamiliar with the world of dance may think that dress code is unnecessary. The ballet dress code has come into existence with the purpose of making classes more focused and structured. Setting a dress code helps dancers to understand simple rules and learn the importance of discipline. When children are dressed accordingly, it gets them in the mindset of learning. When they abide by this rule, it is unlikely that they will be distracted by their clothing and the clothing of others. 

Ballet teacher correcting student posture.

Another reason that makes ballet dress code important is so that teachers can properly correct their students. By wearing proper ballet attire, it accentuates the lines of the dancer’s body and placement. This essentially makes it easier for teachers to help your child dance correctly and safely. As your child gets older, this becomes even more crucial as well. 

Hair & Jewelry 

Little ballerinas focusing in class.

Similarly, ballet dancers must ensure they have a clean, neat appearance at all times. In ballet, putting your hair up in a bun is mandatory. When a dancer’s hair is secured, their attention will be completely on dancing. As compared to leaving hair loosedancers tend to unconsciously fiddle with their hair. Moreover, they may spend the majority of class trying to push hair out of their face.  

Additionally, jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and long earrings will restrict movement. Imagine the distraction and discomfort a heavy necklace would create when turning or jumping. Not only that, but such items can be dangerous to other students when performing complex movements. Watches are also to be removed during class as they may snag clothes or even hurt other students. However, small earrings like studs are acceptable and can be worn to class or rehearsals. 


In the world of ballet, it is vital that dancers arrive in a timely manner. Those arriving late for class may miss out on important information and disrupt the learning of other students. If your child happens to be late, expect that they will be asked to stand quietly at one side until everyone finishes dancing. When done, only then will they be asked to join in on the next dance sequence.  

Young ballerinas doing stretching.

Needless to say, punctuality is a virtue when it comes to ballet. Most professional dancers arrive for class at least half an hour early, anything less would be considered late. For the adult ballet student, arriving at the studio with 15 or 20 minutes to spare is perfect. When you arrive early, you have more time to warm up. It also helps to place yourself in the right state of mind and get the most out of your class.

Regardless, parents should encourage punctuality in their kids, which is best taught at an early age. Those who dance will understand the importance of being on time. It is a wonderful characteristic in any dancer and a necessity that can be applied to any area of life as well.  


Regardless of whether dancers are new to ballet or in intermediate classes, they must always refrain from chatting with others during class. A conductive ballet class has a quiet courteous atmosphere for better concentration. This is usually where your child places their focus on the teacher and on their own body for a good learning outcome. Some things are inevitable like yawning, as it is a sign of tension being released. If your child happens to yawn during class, teach them to be polite by covering their mouth.  

It is also important to note that you should avoid watching the clock for your teachers. As professionals, they are acutely aware of the time. This can be seen as extremely rude and wishing the class to be over. If your teacher happens to run overtime, you have every right to let them know nicely. If your child needs to leave class early, you must always request for permission before the class begins. Teachers should be informed early by means of reverence. Otherwise, you may create learning disruption for other students 

Other Things To Note 

It is only natural that teachers want what is best for their students and for them to improve. This can seem confusing especially for young dancers and they may take it the wrong way. It should not be seen as a criticism but a compliment when a teacher corrects your child. Therefore, advise them to take corrections with a positive mindset and strive for improvement. 

If they do not understand a correction, kindly ask your teacher to explain it again. In order to be good in ballet, your child must not be afraid to ask questions. It may be frustrating at first, but teach them to not be too harsh on themselvesThe first step to becoming better is to understand that the body needs time to gain muscle-memory for corrections. Just as long as children are aware of their mistakes and work to fix them, teachers would be more than satisfied. 

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