The benefits of ballet for kids

The benefits of ballet for kids

Young girls during ballet classes for kids

When we think about ballet, we will usually focus on the aspect of dance education that trains and prepares children to become dancers. What we do not realize are, the benefits that come with learning ballet that help a child to develop and grow holistically.

Parents will be thrilled to learn the benefits their children will gain from taking ballet classes for kids. This article will help you delve into the numerous advantages that ballet education provides for your child, giving them an edge to become well-rounded and successful individuals in the future.

Discipline and responsibility

The first day of a new class is a daunting experience for any child, and ballet classes are no different. During the first class, children will learn that it is important to listen and observe when the ballet instructor/teacher is showing them the ropes.

They will learn to recognize their teacher as someone who holds a position of authority and must be respected. Once an understanding is established, children will learn to adhere to the rules set by the teacher.

From there, children will familiarize themselves with the dos and don’ts during ballet class. That includes the need to follow basic dance instructions, maintaining good behaviour around peers, and learning to give way to one another.

Children will usually be asked to review their progress during class, this is a good platform for them to hone their dancing skills and learn the importance of discipline. In situations like this, children will take the term “practice makes perfect” seriously and make it a point to practice what they have learned from previous weeks to demonstrate during upcoming classes.

Other than that, children are also required to have their own sets of dance garments and shoes, as they progress to higher levels, they will be in charge of maintaining and repairing these items and replacing them when they are damaged.

Additionally, it is a known fact that ballet dancers need to look tidy when in practice and during performances. Therefore, children must pick up grooming skills early on from their parents and dance instructors. Acquiring this skill will not only help maintain their image as ballet dancers but also benefit them when they enter society.

The takeaway for this is that children will become more self-aware and understand that their actions will have consequences. These realizations will stick with them into adulthood, helping them become more responsible individuals.

Ballet instructor teaching ballet classes for kids

Confidence boost

It is a wonderful experience to be able to watch a ballet dancer perform. As the audience, we are transfixed by the dancer’s graceful motions, gravity-defying jumps, and endless twirls. These amazing feats of dance are undoubtedly the culmination of hard work through the years.

Simply put, every ballet dancer has to start somewhere. And that somewhere is none other than on the dance floor of a children’s ballet class.

Each child brings to the table different personalities and characters, but one thing they can’t run away from during ballet class is the need to demonstrate their dance skills in front of an audience, be it in a group, in pairs, or individually.

Shy children may be petrified by such a demonstration in the beginning but with positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, they will learn that the dance floor is a safe space for them to showcase their ability and correct their mistakes.

With time, every child will gain the confidence to perform in front of people and graduate to larger audiences when they move on to advance classes.

As every child develops differently with varied learning paces, a good dance instructor will know how to zero in on students who may need an extra dose of encouragement or a helping hand to bring them up to speed with their peers.

The combination of continuous support and performance opportunities provided by a ballet education is one sure-fire way of making children come out of their shells as they gain more confidence.

Positive development such as this during a child’s formative years will undoubtedly help them grow into confident individuals.

Young ballerina at ballet school

Physical, emotional and mental development

Physical benefits

Ballet is essentially a well-rounded form of exercise that helps dancers improve their strength endurance, enhance flexibility, and ultimately achieve a healthier and fitter form.

Children will learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down when participating in physical activities along with the proper ways to stretch and correct ballet positions.

Although toddler and kids classes are not as rigorous as high-level classes, children will still be exposed to the foundations of ballet that will prepare them for more advanced steps in the future.

Emotional benefits

Ballet is considered as a creative outlet for children to release and explore their emotions without fear of judgment. Different steps and facial expressions in ballet denotes different emotions, children can use these steps to express themselves when dancing.

Other than that, children also learn to regulate their emotions when faced with situations where they are receiving feedback from their instructor and peers, watching their friend master a move that they are still unsure of, etc. When faced with such situations, children will have to learn how to control their emotions and respond calmly with guidance from their ballet teacher.

Mental benefits

By participating in ballet classes, children will be able to occupy and stimulate their minds with new knowledge and skills. When provided with a safe and conducive environment to develop and find themselves, children can expand their minds and overcome mental blocks that may be holding them back.

Ultimately, ballet lessons promote growth in these three areas which serve as valuable lessons for children to become resilient individuals who can take on the world.

Young girls making friends at ballet school

Create lasting bonds

Friendships forged on the dance floor are friendships born out of teamwork, support, and a shared passion for dance. Your child will be dancing, learning, and laughing with peers of similar ages who will most probably be lifelong friends with your child as they advance to higher levels and take on the challenges of life together.

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