What is the best age to start ballet lessons?

What is the best age to start ballet lessons?

Teens during ballet lessons at ballet school

Parents often wonder what exactly is the best age for their children to start taking ballet lessons. We have compiled a list of benefits of starting ballet at different ages for parents to decide when is the right for them to enroll their child into a ballet school.

Benefits of starting young.

Viva School provides classes for children as young as 3+years old. The school has structured programs that cater to young children according to their stages of development.

Ballet class for toddlers.

The toddler’s ballet class focuses on introducing children age 3+ to the world of ballet by exposing them to basic ballet steps through storytelling and props. Some benefits your child will gain by joining the toddler class are:

Strengthening their physical skills.

At a younger age, children are much more flexible and nimble compared to their older counterparts. Thus this would be a great time to train your children’s physical skills.

Parents can rest assured that our experienced teachers will patiently guide your child in learning the correct techniques for ballet dancing. Your child will be taught to maintain the correct posture and dance form when advancing to a higher level.

Arouse their imagination and spark creativity.

Young children are always flowing with creative juices when it comes to exploring the world around them.

By learning to express stories through ballet dancing, your child is able to let their imagination run wild when given the chance to bring a character to life. This gives them the opportunity to creatively interpret their role and express the emotions of the character through their dance steps.

Platform to unleash their energy.

As parents, you will know what it is like to have a bouncy and energized toddler running around the house. What better way than ballet dancing to give them an outlet to release all this energy.

Kid’s ballet class

Pre-ballet classes are classes that focus more on the technical aspects of ballet. Your child will be taught fundamental techniques at a controlled pace appropriate for their level.

Instill discipline

Older children who are now more socially aware, will understand the importance of listening to the instructions of their ballet teacher.

They will also understand that practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering their steps. Those children that truly have a keen interest in ballet, will be more attentive and willing to learn during their sessions.

Three young ballerina during ballet lessons

Improve their confidence and social skills

Children who are given a chance to attend extracurricular classes such as ballet lessons will have the chance to mix around with children of their own age. Not only will they be able to forge friendships and improve their social skills, but they will also gain the spirit of sportsmanship through healthy competition.

 At this level, children may also get involved with ballet school performances where they are able to showcase their skills to family and friends. This is a great confidence booster for children which can further deepen their interest in ballet.

ballet school performance on stage

Platform to unleash their energy.

As parents, you will know what it is like to have a bouncy and energized toddler running around the house. What better way than ballet dancing to give them an outlet to release all this energy.

Things to consider

Experienced and qualified teachers are important for new learners as it helps to prevent them from over exerting and injuring themselves. As parents, take your time to research and choose the best ballet school that has a capable and committed teaching staff.

Parents should also consider the level of interest of their children when signing them up for ballet. Most of the time, trial classes are available for parents to let their children get a taste of ballet to see if their child is genuinely interested.

Benefits of starting at an older age

Pre-teens and teens may sometimes be known as late bloomers among the ballet industry. These children may not have had the opportunity to take ballet lessons when they were younger, but always had or suddenly developed a keen interest in ballet.

Although there may be a steep learning curve for those that begin later, they also bring along different beneficial qualities into the classroom.

More appreciation for the art

As pre-teens and teens are well more informed and can independently research topics in ballet, they will be more appreciative of the art of ballet as they delve deeper into it, be it through the dance steps or by learning about the origins and meaning of ballet.

Ready to commit

Children of this age group will also readily commit to putting in their time and effort in their ballet lessons, as it is most of the time a conscious decision on their part to join a class.

They may have a goal of making it into the ballet industry for their future careers.

As daunting as it may be, numerous individuals have succeeded in making it professionally despite being late bloomers, such as the inspirational Misty Copeland who has proven that with dedication, commitment and discipline the dream of succeeding professionally can come true.

Things to consider

Other than the steep learning curve that late bloomers will have to overcome, pre-teens and teens must know how to manage their time properly if they are serious about ballet.

As they may be involved in school exams, tuition classes and balancing their social life, it is important that they have good time management in order to be in the best possible state of mind when attending their ballet lessons.

Benefits of starting as adults

Starting out ballet when you are an adult is a difficult but not an impossible task. Choose a ballet school that provides comprehensive classes that teach you the foundations of ballet and guide you successfully towards your first performance or first examination.

Adult ballerina practicing during ballet lessons

Great exercise for your body

For adults, ballet is a great form of exercise to tone up and keep your body in shape.

You will no longer worry about not getting enough exercise as you will most certainly get a full-body workout during your weekly ballet lessons.

Meditative and stress relieving 

Ballet is also a beautiful art form that can bring a sense of peace and tranquillity for both the dancer and the spectator. Take the opportunity during your ballet lesson to meditate and relieve the stress of your daily life.

Here at Viva School, we provide classes of students of all ages from toddlers and adults. Come or call to schedule your free trial class and check out our wide range of comprehensive ballet lessons.

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