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Viva Ballet Academy has a team of highly experienced teachers, specialized in both systems: Vaganova Russian Ballet Training with Master degree in Ballet Pedagogy and Teachers certified by Royal Academy of Dance, who are able to conduct lessons from the basic for beginners to the most progressive ballet techniques for the advanced students. We have developed unique teaching methods that focus on inspiring and training the young ones.

What Is The Vaganova Method?


The Vaganova Method is a ballet technique and training structure developed and implemented by Agrippina Vaganova. Agrippa Vaganova (1879-1951) was a Russian dancer and teacher.


Her teaching method was derived my improving and modifying the old teaching methods of classical ballet. Vaganova perfected this form of teaching classical ballet and made it into a viable syllabus.


The Vaganova Method is designed to activate the entire body with every movement. Equal attention is given to the upper body, legs and feet. This teaching method promotes the dancer’s consciousness of the body to create harmony of movement and greater range of expression.

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