Toddler Ballet Classes

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Creative Pre-Ballet Class For Toddlers

For 3 & 4 years old:

Duration: 45min, Once a week, One-year course

Certificate of Achievement will be presented at the end of the course from Viva Ballet Academy.

Viva Ballet Academy is proud to offer Creative Pre-Ballet courses for toddlers.

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What is Creative Pre-Ballet?


The class introduces basic ballet steps using imaginative stories and exciting props. This is an enjoyable way to develop physical skills, stimulate imagination, promote creativity and channel kid’s energy.


We aim to inspire every child with a love of ballet, discipline, imagination and poise. The uniqueness of the Creative Pre-Ballet course is the incorporation of Classical Ballet techniques in a fun way.

What Activities Will Your Child Be Doing?


We begin the class with making different shapes, and follow with fairy tales including ballet steps with animal movement games, like birds, butterflies, ponies, mermaids, dancing mice, companion dances, group movement, and a special magic dance at the end of the class.


We advise that parents join in the first few classes, to help the little ones adapt. The students wear pretty tutus and ballet taps.

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Why Your Child Should Join?


Our Creative Ballet course is a combination of movements with Classical Ballet techniques, music and storytelling.


Props and toys are also provided in the classroom to cultivate the children’s creativity and interest for the Ballet.


All children who come and do well at the end of the class will receive a treat for the effort.

Learning Outcomes


  • Self-Discipline
  • Confidence and Determination
  • Body awareness- Poise and Posture
  • Appreciation of Classical Music
  • Greater body awareness with dance training.
  • Opportunity to take the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) level exams
  • Learning to pay attention, listening, watching, and developing discipline while mastering the dance movements
  • The classical Ballet dance requires a good amount of physical and mental challenge.
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Assessment & Certification


Viva Ballet Academy’s Creative Pre-Ballet course is a one-year of learning course, ending with Assessment and Class Performance Day in an open format.


During this Assessment, the children will perform a prepared series of exercises in front of their parents. It will be held at Viva Ballet Academy, in the Ballet studio. The children will receive a special Certificate of Achievement. This will be an unforgettable finale to their learning in the Creative Pre-Ballet Programme.


Under the instruction of our dedicated teachers, children would be able to learn and improve the ballet steps and positions which are necessary and beneficial for the general physical development and coordination of their body. They would also improve both mental and physical aspects that would be useful in their academic studies and social settings.

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